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Commenter la réponse de Utilisateur anonyme. J’ai fait plusieurs essais On the cleverly-titled « Keep Clear of Me, I Am Maneuvering With Difficulty, » Kinski continues with their typical sonic explorations, this time in one track with three separate movements. Signaler Commenter la réponse de Utilisateur anonyme. À propos de l’équipe du forum. Commenter la réponse de franquis. En attendant tu peut aller sur jiwa, une alternative à deezer.

Stan deezer ripper et hobocopy [Fermé]

The actions and arguments of the Recording Industry Association of America and some of its most powerful members exemplify a complete and utter disregard and contempt for the interests and behavior of musicians, independent record labels, and, most importantly, the music-buying public.

The RIAA seeks to regulate the behavior of consumers and actors in a free ropper via unreasonable means and at their expense, financially and otherwise.

stan deezer ripper

Its claims of supporting « creative vitality » and « artists’ rights » are disengenuous, as the RIAA represents the corrupt and exclusionary oligopoly of major record labels, Hollywood film studios, and corporate entertainment media outlets.

That certain « indie » labels have membership in this association is not indicative of an RIAA looking out for their best interests. The RIAA and the aforementioned colluding oligopolists are enemies of music and of consumer rights, therefore we at Brainwashed.


Com call for the immediate dismantling of the RIAA. The undersigned individuals agree with these statements and stand with Brainwashed. Com in solidarity against the RIAA. To sign the petition, email us with your name, email address, city, and zip code. Ripperr assault on legitimate free market consumer behavior, including fair use « ripping » of digital files for rjpper portable electronic music players and laptops, See: We call for all recording artists and independent labels that are currently members of the RIAA to immediately separate from this group in an act of protest, hopefully to form a more progressive association that better represents their interests.

We call on music lovers worldwide not to purchase the products of major record labels and to ask others to do the same. We call on individuals who own stock in the oligopolists cited above, in sta funds or otherwise, to divest immediately and refuse to invest further.

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We call on the United States Congress to halt all ruling on DMCA until there are more organizations at the table deciding these laws which apply to the entire music industry. Additionally, we may be contacted with any questions pertaining to this action. Kinski, Paik, and Surface of Eceyon have all gained acclaim for their individual and unique contributions to the drone rock landscape, that is becoming more of a pastiche these days.

All the groups have different sounds when listened to separately, but together, as they are in this series, they tend to sound very much the same. This is not necessarily a mark against them, however, as the more the music has the same organic feel and structure, the more it comes off as a cohesive release and therefore more palatable.

All three bands have new full-length records coming out on separate labels later in the year, and if this EP is any indication those records could level a city. On the cleverly-titled « Keep Clear of Me, I Am Maneuvering With Difficulty, » Kinski continues with their typical sonic explorations, this xeezer in one track with three separate movements.


Completely improvised, the music blends nicely into each piece, slowly building to start, then unleashing in a crushing rhythm and a bleeding, wailing distortion of guitars.

stan deezer ripper

It annoys successfully, even while it impresses, then fades out in a lovely buzz and tremble meld of organ and synth sounds, staj if the song wants to give your ears a salve.

Paik doesn’t wade in at all, just menaces with a brooding bassline and feedback. Echoed guitars join to up the noise factor, and then the hammer falls with the measured persistence of the drums.

stan deezer ripper

Paik’s second song, « Eva, » is lighter in tone, but a well-crafted selection that leads well into the music of Surface of Eceyon. With no explanation as to the slight change in their name nor an explanation as to why both spellings appear in the bookletthis brave collaboration between members of Landing and Yume Bitsu with Phil Jenkins gives a taste ddeezer their conception in their composition.

Pure improvisation from the vessyl informs their instruments and minds to create a thirty-minute opus of ambient beauty.

It certainly bears an appropriate name, too, as I could easily enjoy a visit to the planetarium if this was the rippeg. This second part of the Tryyptych Series rivals the first and is worth a concentrated listen, even if some of the music is better absorbed then heard.